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3way international logistics inc.

Welcome to our shipping point. 3Way International Logistics Inc. provides end-to-end logistics service using the three modes of transportation: Air, Ocean and Land. To find out how we can procure the logistics demand of your business, feel free to explore our website or simply contact us!

CV Logistics

Our company name is synonymous with the highest standards of quality managed transport service. We operate a sophisticated tracking and reporting system to ensure on-time delivery and complete control of your merchandise. 


Whether you’re a major importer/exporter or only ship a few times a year, if your business relies on moving goods across the border, even a minor customs issue could significantly cost you.


We are a trucking and transportation company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have many trucking partners in the industry, which enables us to provide you with on time delivery. We never make promises that we cannot fulfill.


At National Fast Freight, we understand that the physical movement of your goods is only the beginning of the process. Our experienced team ensures that your shipment is cared for and carefully tracked every step of the way.


Our cargo volume is leveraged with the most competitive rates in both ocean and air services. With OEC Group you have access to a variety of carriers without the contractual liability.

Ottawa Logistics

For over 80 years, Ottawa Logistics has assisted corporate and government clients in Canada´s National Capital Region meet their logistical needs.


One of the Largest Integrated Logistics Service Provider in Canada

Universal Logistics

Now there is a quick, simple - and absolutely free - way to find the hidden savings in your freight forwarding and customs brokerage activities.


Wills Transfer is a full service logistics, warehousing, moving and storage company serving eastern Ontario and western Quebec since 1945.


It´s not that we get impatient. But we can´t be bothered to wait for anyone else to do something first that´s why others follow in our footsteps, or should we say, drive in our treadmarks. We imagine how difficult that will be when our new "Stealth" Rigs come in.
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